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We Train You

Our unique approach to options trading can take you from novice to advanced with confidence and support.


Multi-tiered Memberships

With memberships customized to your experience level, we can insure you get the correct guidance you need.


Trade Anywhere

Whether at home on a computer, a plane with a tablet, or on the go with a phone, we make learning and trading easy.


What Sets Us Apart

We aren't the typical trading group everyone's seen before.
And it shows.


Specialized Curriculum

We have designed a program soley based upon our successful approach to options trading and are constantly perfecting it.

Inclusive Community

A tight-knit community of traders is one of the many tools to success, This is why we emphasize mutual support.


Focused Support

Our team of 5 paid staff make themselves available throughout the trading day so you always have someone to help you.


Simple Approach

Our simple, easy to learn approach can level the playing field allowing opportunities for even the newest trader.


Open to Close

Monday - Friday from market open to market close we are live. Markets open at 8:30am CST and close at 3:00pm CST.


Built with Pride

Built with the intent of leading the way into the new era of trading, our program empowers your future success as a trader.


21st Century Technology
for a
21st Century Approach

By using an established and well known chat platform like Discord,
we can insure your reliability and connectivity to our service.

We upload educational videos to our YouTube channel weekly -  Check it out! ↗

Packages We Offer

Below you can choose from one our specialized packages that best suits
you based upon your needs. Monthly packages come with 1 day trials.

14 Day Trial


This is a 14 day all access trial to our discord server. This is the best option if you want to test the waters without committing to a full month.

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Solo (monthly)


For solo traders. It is a limited access role to our discord server. No support or text channels are provided with this role. Best if you're experienced and don't need help.


Premium (weekly)


This is our weekly full access package, otherwise known as Premium. You will have access to all channels except for paid add-on channels (when applicable).


Platinum (monthly)


Similar to our premium package, our Platinum is just a monthly version with a slight discount over the weekly. 


VIP (monthly)


This is a step above the last package, except the All Inclusive comes with the paid add-on channels (when applicable).




Full submersion and mentorship into the world of trading options. This is a one time charge with life time access.

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