We are commited to your success.
Proud to have been empowering our members since 2018.

Our commitment to you is reinforced in all aspects below.

Our Vision

We can be recognized as proactive, results-oriented leaders who work in collaboration with their clients to offer excellence in operational & strategic financial management to support the achievement objectives. Nothing Less!

Our Philosophy

We prove daily that our philosophy has always been to put the members needs first. We have made it our mission to empower the everyday trader, and attempt to level the playing field through education, guidance, and leadership.

Our Mission

We consistently provide excellence in client service and compliance through our unwavering commitment to our staff, our in-depth understanding of university operations, and a continued focus on process and operation improvement.

Our Culture

We continue to work hard to create a culture of cooperation, and commitment, for a community of over 3,000 traders of all types. We are the #1 source in this new era of technological advances, and self-driven financial empowerment.

Our Values

We understand the importance of our mission and the trust our customers place in us. With this in mind, we strive to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge we face with the determination and will to succeed.

Our History

In a little more than 3 years, 870.Trades has grown to become a leader in the trading community, through innovation and commitment to excellence. 870Trades.com and Mimic.Trade are simply the beginning.

Our goal is to kick start your future in financial freedom, protect it, and to  make it grow.

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