Portfolio Growth Contests

Portofolio Growth Contests Growth Contests? What?!

Trading can be eerily similar to gambling at times, and it shows in our new traders. To circumvent this, we have introduced trading contests which will allow you to win prizes based on several factors around your performance on the markets while using our service.

Rewarding Good Habits.

The psychology involved in trading is vast, and something we at 870.Trades counsel our members about almost daily. From the addictive nature of winning, to the over-trader, desperately making unwise play after play, in a vain attempt to to recapture recent losses, psychology must be controlled, and acknowledged to trade properly. We provide opportunities to master these ill-advised emotions through trading contests based on several factors, including winning plays. Proper trading behavior, as well as a winning record are the goal.

Monthly Contests

Our tax experts can help you to develop a thorough and up-to-date tax plan that protects your cash flow and optimises your position for the future.

Unique Prizes

You have enough to worry about without the administrative burden caused by indirect taxes like GST, stamp duty, land tax and payroll tax.

Multiple Winners

Our advisers can help you to land on the best possible structure for your business, protect wealth, reduce risk with full compliance.

Community Recognitions

If your company qualifies as an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) according to ATO guidelines, your investors may be entitled to tax incentives.

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